Radical or instrumental social innovation? Two opposing approaches used by social enterprises to understand and address social problems

In the past two decades social enterprises have gained spaces in the agendas of governments and policy makers in countries of the global north and south; this has also occurred in academia and among practitioners (Teasdale, Lyon, & Baldock, 2013). In my experience as PhD student I would argue that up to a certain degree,... Continue Reading →

Commodity to People: Youth employment through Social Innovation

August 2020, Varanasi Hassan, a young mason, reached his home in Babatpur, Uttar Pradesh from Mumbai after a 1500-kilometer trek on foot. The long journey home was rough – sleeping on roadsides and surviving on whatever food he could fine – often uncooked rice. As he neared his village, he was quarantined at a camp... Continue Reading →

Financing social enterprises: Finding the voice

In the last few years social enterprise funding has gained momentum. Several public and private initiatives have been promoted in order to increase the availability of funding for social enterprises. Impact investing and social finance emerged in order to provide extra resources to this type of enterprises. At the same time, a wide range of... Continue Reading →

From Ph.D. to Lecturer: The role of EMES

Hello, Dear Colleagues and PhD candidates,   I would like to briefly share my updates. After four years of my winding and exciting PhD journey, I defended my PhD thesis – "Implementation of the social impact assessment of work integration social enterprises in Baltic States“ on December 20, 2019 in Lithuania. The dissertation analyzes the... Continue Reading →

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