Reconciling mutual distrust and cooperation: recent developments regarding the third sector and social enterprises in Hungary

When looking at the development of the Hungarian third sector, two main contradictory historical traditions can be observed: a) cooperation between voluntary organizations and the state; and b) mutual distrust and opposition between the two sectors. (Kuti 2008a) As the phenomenon of social enterprises is strongly linked to the third sector (G. Fekete et al,... Continue Reading →


A Ph.D. journey: Lauren’s testimonial.

First some background: I am a social worker from South Africa who grew up and studied during the last decades of Apartheid, a nationally enforced system of separation of South African people based on skin colour. Growing up with fair skin, meant growing up privileged. This made me acutely aware of the contribution I needed... Continue Reading →


At the end of 2017, 10 Early Stage Researchers have started on their PhD-journey within the RurAction consortium. RurAction is a H2020-Marie Sklodowska Curie - ITN (GA 721999) in which 10 leading research institutions and 5 social enterprises have joined in order to add knowledge to the intersection of rural development, social innovation and social... Continue Reading →

Understanding and measuring social entrepreneurship

My thesis aims to understand the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship and measure its component dimensions. In particular, the thesis addresses two research gaps in the social entrepreneurship research. The first gap addressed is the resource mobilization during marketing strategy development of a social enterprise in its start-up stage. Social entrepreneurship is a diverse concept constituting... Continue Reading →

Designing institutions for collective energy action: The roles of renewable energy cooperatives in a polycentric low-carbon transition

The process of climate change mitigation and the transition toward low-carbon energy systems associated with it are probably the greatest collective action problems humankind has ever confronted. According to the conventional theory of collective action, rational agents pursuing their own interest will not participate in collective efforts because they have incentives to free-ride on the... Continue Reading →

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