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Aurélie Soetens | Kai-Lan Chang | Patrick Reichert

Aurélie Soetens holds a master degree in Management of Social Enterprises at the University of Liège, and is currently a PhD student at the Center for Social Economy of the ULg. She researches workers’ co-operatives, more particularly the sustainability of workers’ participation through inter-organizational networking.

Kai-Lan Chang is undertaking a Ph.D in Economics and Management at the Center for Research in Entrepreneurial Change and Innovative Strategies (CRECIS) within Université catholique de Louvain (UCL). Her research interests cover social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding.

Patrick Reichert is undertaking a Ph.D. in Economics and Management at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) within the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). His research interests cover the microfinance commercialization, impact investing and energy access/rural electrification projects.


About emesphdnetwork

EMES is a research network of established university research centres and individual researchers whose goal is to gradually build up a European corpus of theoretical and empirical knowledge, pluralistic in disciplines and methodology, around “Third Sector” issues.


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