Dancing with SOCIAL INNOVATION in the “SE field” – Try with a little help from “The International Handbook on Social Innovation”

Nobody can deny that social innovation (SI) is in fashion today. Last years there has been a vast proliferation of discourse and work on SI. Now it seems as easy to get lost due to the great diversity of approaches to SI as difficult to find an integrative framework for that concept. SI becomes blurred... Continue Reading →


Social enterprises and ethnic minorities: A case study of the East London Olympic Boroughs

The emergence of a great number and variety of social entrepreneurial activities has taken place in the world over recent years (Defourny and Nyssens, 2010; Kerlin, 2010). The social enterprise sector has experienced considerable growth and nowadays this is at the centre of academic and political debate in Britain (Ridley-Duff and Bull, 2011). Yet, there... Continue Reading →

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